We believe that a stich in time saves nine. We believe that a potential victim needs to be protected and remedied at the first opportunity and an offender must not go scot free. For a victim not remedied and an offender going scot free, at the first instance, would create ripples of social injustice in a morally upright state, society, or workplace.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any queries, questions or need more information about the services or solutions we offer. At Tripaksha we partner with our clientèle in achieving a compliant and healthy workplace.

Tripaksha empowers organisations, doing business in India, with a bouquet of services to adhere with the statutory requirements, which can be provided independently or as a part of complete Consultancy Suite. We understand your business areas, find out about all the laws which you should be adhering and ensure compliance on a year round basis.

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